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  • oof I need friends


    Hiii. So...erm... I just want someone to talk to??‍?? Idc if you’re a boy or a girl but I don’t want anyone over 15. Sorry :) anywaysssszz HMU

  • hey im bored. hmmmmmmuuuuuu



    eh em...anyways....this is some thing i wrote (with the help of a buzz feed video) after the shooting in orlando and i feel like we could use it more now than here ya go (the first part is cringey but it gets better) (also plz read this took me forever ) :)

        "I dont undrstand.....people make big deals about shootings or terroist attacks and say that "oh its so tragic" or "they need thougts and prayers" and you keep saying it but you do NOTHING. Reporters sit around waiting for something to happen then they put on their sad faces and tell the country. In the next teo days something else will happen and the same cycle goes on and on. Now tell me, does that make sense? One body after another with no care. We have to fight back to end the volince and do something because the only tragic thing in this country is us. at what point do we add this our list of 'proud American traditions'? we fight and we argue but nobody is to blame and everybody is to blame, macines are to blame, mental illness is to blame, WE ARE TO BLAME....but we arent doing anything. We throw our opions like punches spilling out of our mouths like blood with our last breath...but nobody listens...nothing changes. And it happens again, and again, and again. So tell me, what do i do? Do i donate, give my blood or my tears? What is any of it doing? What are we doing? I know this is not a time for getting defensive or being offended, you know what! I am offended! I am offened that our children are growing up in a world afraid o going to school, or the movies, or clubs, that places that are ment to help use grow as indeviduals are being turned into graveyards. I am offeneded that this is our new normal, there is nothing normal about this...and still continues. I am tired of talking, tired of praying, ntired of protesting, tired of wet cheecks and raw eyes. I AM TIRED. Do we love freely, or restrict freedom? Do we change our laws or egknowladge our illnesses? Do we crack down or straighten up? or maybe we do all of the above... because i dont know much but i know ive had ENOUGH."

  • i need friends 20 chhhhhhaaaaarrrrrraaaaaccccters


    i just really need friends. idc if your a girlor a boy. oh and i dont realy want to be in a relationship so dont even try ;) anyways, hmu

  • Hi. I need friends ?


    I just need friends or like someone to talk to. Not really in the mood for a relationship so don’t even try? idc if your a guy or a girl. I just need friends?