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  • Haven-t posted on here in a bit

    Meet girl teen

    Hello I am McLovin, I am just really bored and am looking for people to talk to.

    My messages have been dead asf lately so hit me up, I am into almost everything

    PS. I like women only so if you want me to like you I do not like guys

  • I really don-t even know what to put anymore

    Meet girl teen

    If anyone would like to talk just hit me up

    In case you are wondering, I am not at all attracted to males, and I only like specific types of females.

    If you would like to talk or more my snap is Jamjam1742 and my kik is Yato_the_king

    I also have an instagram but I don't really use it

  • Any League Players here?


    I would just like to say that I am offering a huge discount on elo boosts. If you would like to get the best discount message me or if you would like to possibly duo message me and I will find a low rank account to play with

  • Insert Edgy Quote Here -


    Now that I have got your attention

    Message me on Kik or Snapchat. Im bored and wanna talk to anyone

    My Kik is yato_the_king

    Snapchat - jamjam1742

  • Check out my band Please


    Band name - Dead By April

    Song name - I Can't Breathe 

    I wanna say that I'm sorry for the pain that I've caused
    I wanna tell you I'm sorry for the mistakes I've made
    And I hope it's not too little, not too late
    Cos' I can't breathe,

  • Looking for Friendship and maybe more

    Meet girl teen

    I am James most people call me McLovin

    I am a gamer, musician, youtuber, streamer, and all around athlete,

    I am looking for a girl Age 13-17 to become friends with and possibly more than friends