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13 · Woman

Menifee, CA, USA


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  • relationship wanted badly.

    Meet boy teen

    hi, i’m jenna. i’m a huge fangirl of stranger things and riverdale. im 13 and i love hockey, football, and a bit of baseball but not as much. i just want a guy who isn’t a total douche and won’t ask for nudes and shit :)

  • looking for a boyfriend

    Meet boy teen

    im looking for a boyfriend that i can call mine. 13-14 years old, loyal, not a douche lmao, late night talks, facetiming, texting 24/7, etc. add me on snap xx.j3nna or follow me on instagram jcnnachristinee if anyone is up for it :) and also gotta have both social medias :)

  • read the description :)

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    i want a boyfriend who is:

    loyal, respectful, nice, will send me goodmorning paragraphs every now and then, maybe some goodnight ones too, will not ask for nudes, not over 16, loving, and ya know etc etc. also i’m bi so girls can hmu too :)

  • wanting a boyfriend who treats me right

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    hey i’m jenna. i want a boyfriend who’s loyal, will facetime me, text me paragraphs, and do a lot of cute shit bc ya know :). i live in cali so hmu on my snap xx.j3nna ?