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Cape Town, South Africa


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  • Looking for someone to talk to


    I am looking for a bf/gf who will talk to me, like FOR REAl. Not send me nudes. Not ask me for nudes. Just someone who wants to have a good convo with me. If you send me nudes or ask me for nudes. I will find and bitch slap you so hard that your face will look like niagra falls.

    Looking forward to meeting y'all :)

  • Looking for music lovers!!


    HI. I am Rohan and I am looking for people who love Music.

    I specifically want people to give me song to practise for an upcoming talent show where I will be playing guitar and hopefully trying to win!

    I got a new skype called Rohan Cloete so just search for me on skype

  • Helloz!! I like thinks and I am looking for a relationship

    Teenager Dating


    I am Rohan and I am 13...I think I am 13. I kinda forgot how old I am. Anyways, I'm looking for a gf or bf or you can just talk to me about general topics like anime, youtube and other fun things like that. I enjoy Biology and Maths and I am kinda smart! Unfortunately, I am not that good looking so if you are looking for an attractive bf then I am not the best fit. I am okay with longdistance relationships but It would be nice to have someone I can meet IRL. That's all from me!


  • Looking for a boyfriend 13-16


    I put on two other posts but now here is another.

    I am Rohan and I am looking for a Boyfriend. 13-16 is accepted and maybe even 17

    Twitter: @RorocoEntertain

    Instagram: @your_everday_rohan

  • Okay so Last post didn-t work well...Let-s try another!

    Teenager Dating

    So I am Rohan,

    I am a kinda weird person and I like meeting people. I hope the guy/girl of my dreams appears and talks to me! It does't matter howfar away theymay be and It doesn't matter if they are older than me. I just want someone to love me unconditionally, looks and all. I think that is all I put into this text.

  • Looking for people to compliment me on a regular basis


    Hi I'm rohan!

    It probably seems weird that I added this as my title but that is all that I am looking for, people to compliment me.

    I will even compliment you back If you compliment me.

    Ok...I only now realize how creepy the message isso just ignore the above text and talk to me