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  Not going to give it to u
  @Forgot password 😂

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  • Hey you....idk just open this :p


    So either most of you dont know that there is a general chat or u just dont join it. lol but you should go on there sometime. Theres not many ppl on rn and could use more ppl to talk.... haha well this is the second time were trying this so if u see this then go in general and type Apples and bananas :p

  • Just don-t even try.........


    To those of you that keep pm me looking for a relationship u obviously cant read the word TAKEN. I don't care what u say or do I'm in love already and nothings gonna change that. So if ur gonna pm me keep in mind that I will not answer u if ur looking for a relationship and not a friendship. Now if ya just want to be friends then OK feel free to pm me unless ur a perv. Thanks ^-^

  • Umm im totally normal so why not read this XP


    Soooo you should come into the general could use more ppl that will actually talk and not lurk oh also ppl who arent thirsty pervs. so yeah