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  • Ok.... I need a bf plz, that is supportive and nice... (And cute of course)


    Ok so... I'm not into this whole long distance thing, and I just need a bf who will be there for me. Likewise I would love to be a support to a guy and love them. Plz! Be like my age or under, and of course cute lol. Don't think I'm gonna send any inappropriate pics alright, I'm not that type. I'm a level headed guy who wants to love and be loved. Oh and P.S. plz don't be a b tchy gay... 

  • Heyo! Just wanted to see if someone wants to talk


    Hey everyone. I'm John and I'm looking for some friends to chat with. I love meeting new people and I hope I can be a support and a guide to those who are having bad times in life. We are all hurting somehow, and if you feel like you want to chat, don't be afraid to just add my snap or kik. Just be like my age or younger plz. (For some reason I get uncomfortable around older people) Oh and also you need to be able to tolerate my extrovertedness!(its not that bad?) Have a great day!

  • Hey ourteennetwork gay teens!


    Hey everybody! I absolutely love talking with people (extrovert lol) and if you are gay and are going through some tough times like I have had in the past then please feel free to talk to me. Message me here or on snap or kik. Being the minority isn't easy, and we need each other to stand strong together. Again I just love talking to people who feel like they want a friend or just someone to talk to. I'm a listening ear in all the chaos of life. Hope you all fair well ;) 

  • Hey there looking for friends in my area or beyond


    Hi gays of teennetwork! I'm 16 years old and I'm looking for REAL friends on here. In tired of fake people and false hope. Just be real with me ok, and ill be real with you, that is what friendship is. I run/jog for fun. I dont do any sports currently but looking into golf possibly. I enjoy doing dramas althought they aren't my "click" per say. I'm looking for friends that will be committed so I will also return comittment to them. Plz be between 13-16 I get uncomfortable talking with older ppl. Don't be afraid to HMU on Snapchat. I'm busy but I try to check it as much as I can. Have a wonderful day all!

  • Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey


    Hi. Looking for a bf. Check out my pf. Need a real relationship. Add me on kik or whatever