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West Bromwich, UK


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  • Bored af someone pop up


    Im bored, someone text, im not really bothered at this point. Dm me on my social media thats on my profile. Feelin like shit. Tired of bullshit from fake ass friends. Gets me pissed. If u know any languages, dm me aswell, i am so shit with it i rage in spanish and flip the teacher off. LMFAO

  • Need to get a life ???

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    Bored af these days, want someone who I can be myself with and chat about shit. I'm very lazy, and really don't give 2 fucks about nudes. Personally I hate them. 

  • Meet new people and possibly have a relationship

    Teenager Dating

    I am really sensitive and can be hyper. I want someone who can be laid back yet have a lot of personality

  • Meet people and making friends


    I'm mikayla aged 13. No inappropriate language except swearing I  have positive a positive attitude unless pissed off. Don't mind flirting. I can be multiple things. People over 19 will be blocked. Any nudes ur reported unless I say it's ok. These may be strict rules but I break them sometimes