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  • nice people out there?


    my parents are splitting up so honestly I want to talk to someone who will actually care and let me talk and vent. if you're nice maybe we can start something more than a friendship but I honestly want friends right now..

  • I-m just a girl who is confused on her sexuality

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    hey I'm ryleigh and I'm bisexual but I think I like girls more than guys. I love listening to music and reading. I actually enjoy school and math lol. I love making other people laugh and I am a romantic. hmu if you any to start talking?

  • meet people and make some friends or more


    hey I want to make a friendship or maybe more. I'm bisexual, I sing, and I'm very artistic. I don't send nudes or like receiving them either. hey if you aren't a dick and don't judge?

  • Friendship or possibly more


    Im bi so thats great lol. Hmu if you are 13-16 if you want to be friend or possibly more. I like music so be prepared to talk about that lol. Hmu if you are interested in starting a friendship or something

  • Friendships or more?


    I want some online friends so add my snap to text. only 13-14 years old. I will go for a relationship but not fast and not with a dick. I don't send nudes either.

  • Friendships. Maybe more? I-m bi so hmu all genders

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    add me on snap @rhernandez_05 to chat. I want loyal friends who want streaks and maybe more? I DON'T SEND NUDES AND I WILL ONLY ANSWER IF YOU ROUND MY AGE. I may annoy the hell out of you only if I like you?