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13 · Woman

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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  • Looking for a boyfriend

    Meet boy teen

    Looking for a boy 13-14. I usually go to a sports complex that is called Rose Mofford Sports Complex. There, i play volleyball, basketball, and other things. Maybe if you're a guy that likes the park and doesn't live that far, maybe we can meet up! besides the park, i like to chat, have fun, gaming, and whatver. 

  • Looking for a boyfriend


    Looking for a 13 or 14 year old near Phoenix, Arizona. Funny, smart, athletic, and cute. I like going tot he park and play an instrument. My favorite games are fortnite and minecraft

  • Trying to not be Single!

    Teen Singles

    Looking for a boy 13-14 in the Phoenix,Arizona area. Funny, smart, kind, and awesome person who can care about me.