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Nkawkaw, Ghana


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  • Take a look at


    Um, I wanna talk to people who don't care about someone's race or sexuality.

    Someone who is nice to talk to and wants you as a friend.


  • What is going on here.............???


    I don't get something. Why do people here chat others with preference to their colour or sexuality or race or anything else? Im just trynna say its not fair so guys try and stop....

    If you chat without your own pic, you are good to go but immediately you upload your pic or send them your pics then they ignore you totally just because of your colour or what?

    Can someone give me an explanation???

  • Kinda hard getting new friends here


    Hey everyone, am Brainy 18yrs old. Loves surfing the internet, loves music of any kind and many more. Just want some cool friends to hangout with. I hope i get some