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Darrian (Mario Kart)

15 · Man

Raleigh, NC, USA

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  • Look for a girl for my dream 15-16 read this

    Meet girl teen

    I'm look for a girl who like art, music, joke I want a girl who respect me  of who I am right now I just want a gf so i can talk on pm  because yesterday my gf broke up with and now I'm just a stupid , lonely 15 year old with no gf why everyone else have one or a friend plz any girl

  • I have a upset birthday sunday

    Teen Singles

    Hi my name is darrian im 15 year old my birthday was sunday .i have a upset birthday on sunday because my girlfriend broke up with me sunday and it really broke my heart i never broke up with a girl before that made me upset,mad  If you want to be my gf just message me on here plz age 15 -16

  • Find a girlfriend 13-16

    Meet girl teen

    I want to end my life right now because no one ever talk to me  everything  I say sometimes they just do want say sometimes back  life probably hate me to everything  I just do feel like after my girlfriend broke up with I feel like what I do wrong and I didn't do anything at all  after I been bully in schools slip in mud 3 time everyone in schools laugh  no one ever care about it   so if any girl want to talk to me that good if you don't it okay  

  • Look for girlfriend 13-16


    Hey my name is darrian and im 14 look for a girl who what to talk to me

    On message on phone. And won't delete me. Here my phone name 910 691 5610

  • find a girlfriend to talk to

    Meet girl teen

    in all my life im being bull for elementary school to little bit in high school  i slippery in mud 3 time and everone in high school laugh  at me  i being seat by my self at lunch i got nobody to talk to at all i what is to have someone to talk to on message here my phone number 910-691-5610  so you can talk to me please

  • look for a girlfriend


    im name is darrian 14 year old  look for a girlfriend who like to text on message here my phone number 910-691-5610 it alright if you don't what to talk  it okay  i just be lonely