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  • Real love ??? is this u girls either play by th is basic fact it u c an


    Hey guys if any of y'all want to just ask a girl out without know ing everything about her..... Y'all r stupid as f... not trying to be mean or rude but it's the truth!!!!! Cause if y'all want to know anything about me I have to know y'all just like I know a guy named Zachary on here i have actually went out with he's 14 year old brother... Hahahaha!!! Lollipop zachary17 if u read this tell Alex i said hey and I luv u bro

  • Want to meet people be friends and maybe come along a guy who likes me


    Hey my name is lissie but that's not my really name so I go by Mariah i am 13 this year. Have 5 brothers 13 sisters believe me their not all from my mom.... I am a twin to two of my sister's named Selena and natasha.. We all 3 got separated at birth so I'm by myself this only friend i have is Alexander JordanJordan Grimes, he's like a brother to me but I didn't count him with his many bros and sis. I have so Alex know that ur my bro before any of these hoes!!!!!!