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Durban, South Africa

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    Not taken anymore due to unforeseen circumstances. No hate pls. I want friends and no pervs. Please do not message me if you are not serious about being friends or otherwise. I want friends for life

  • here-s a poem for my babe I just thought up now lol


    Iv been taken by someone I don't deserve

    It's like for me he was reserved

    It's a match up that may be hard to understand

    Especially since we're from different lands

    U bring a smile to my face when I think of u

    Its amazing what ur words to my heart can do

    If its chemistry its of the strongest kind

    A bond that will last till the end of our time

    I enjoy having u by my side 

    Its a thrilling and magical ride

    I hope that forever our bond will remain

    I know till my end I'll remember ur name

  • I am taken now lol so too late lol


    Any takers were too late. I am taken by the best guy ever (AKA Yash). So don't trouble me anymore?. Here's a shoutout to my bae for stealing my heart. I'm loyal so don't think I will cheat. Luv u Yash

  • Hi there I this is my intro Anything u wanna know.


    Hi everyone my real name is Nadia BTW. I am looking for a friend and maybe something more but that all depends on a lot of things. I looooovvvveeee drawing and am mad about horses. If u wanna be something more than a friend it'll take a long time for me to trust u before anything like that can happen. U will need to prove to me that u r worth any risk. No pervs please or I will block u. May the odds be ever in your favour.