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  • Retake: Looking For Boyfriend


    (I feel like I've been here before... hmm... nostalgia...)

    Hello! I'm looking for a boyfriend. That might come as a surprise if the title's anything to go by. The post I made here is like... GOOD GOD, it was almost 8 months ago and it didn't really go anywhere with the people I talked to...

    So I have returned! To ruin your day with nerdiness and gayness! (And probably do another Re-Retake in another 8 months)

    I'm from England and I'd prefer somewhere close to me (in or Northern England) but I'll also do long distance and things like that. I'm passionate about a lot of things (if you care what they are that is) so it'd be best for me to tell you in person rather than have a long to-know list here.

    One of my non-passions is nudes. I don't do nudes. So no nudes... okay? I know some of you are hyper-horny teens but please... 


    Clean wholesome conversation, as I'm somewhat very modest and classy (says that and is on the internet shopping for boyfriend, ah I see you) and I would rather to thoroughly get to know each other before I even think about mentioning your dick in a non-jokey fashion.

    Err... I guess I should mention this for the privileged among us but I have some emotional issues that I won't discuss here and I need someone to be able to understand and be there for me when I have those moments. And I, definitely, will do the same because I love very easily and care a lot about people.

    Some people just don't care back hahaha.

    I'm a little bit broken I guess, but I'm crazily happy most of the time. And I'll love you for a thousand years if you love.

    Anyway, I think that's everything.

    Oh yeah, and the heavier you are the harder it is for you to get kidnapped.

    So eat cake. Be safe.

  • Looking For Boyfriend


    Hiya all!!!

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a boyfriend. Shocker. 

    Err... what do you put on these?? Oki doki. We'll start with ma hobbies.

    I love writing, its one of my strongest passions (and don't ask me about my book because you'll have me going forever) alongside genuinely caring about everyone/thing. What can I say? I love loving.

    I don't like Love Island, putting it out there. Seems like a cesspit of booze, sex, booze, sex...

    and sex. Did I mention sex?

    Well... yeah. Whole steaming heap of sex.

    I rarely watch Tv and when I do its without a doubt either Jeremy Kyle (kill me now) or a Crime Documentary or Batman the Killing Joke.

    Joker Monologue... learned off by heart.

    So if you couldn't tell by now... I'm a nerd?????

    But I'm a nerd that'll love you endlessly, and I'm kinda a mess. A big mess, but I'll love you more than I love everyone else. And I hope you'll love me back, message me and we'll see what happens.

    Maybe you're the special one~