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  • I need new friends! so let?s be friends lmao


    I have nothing to say ? jus message me and we can start from there! ;) why does it say minimum 80 characters I don’t even know shat to say!!!!

  • I Don?t Really Know What Im Doinng Anymore!!!


    Hello There Im Sam And Im Bi Why am I still using using this app thinkig I could find “The right one” smh So yeah hit me up on snap and I can introduce myself more and if u think ur “the right one” msg me asap cuz I have been waiting for a long time prob last time I’ll be using this site! ??

  • I Want To make New Friends!!!


    Hey Im Samuel and I want to make new friends! Follow me on instagram!! I don’t know wether I should take a nap or nahh and let’s see how many people would want to be friends with me even if I don’t have a profile picture

  • Where Is ?The One? At?!? ???? Please Show Up Soon!


    Hey Im Samuel Im Bi But Prib More Into Guys U Can Call Me Sam If U Want I like youtube,muic,social media,acting cute ahaha (even tho Im not), baking, etc Maybe we can start of as friends and see where it goes I really hope he show up Oh and don’t msg me here I would probably not answer So we will see where it goes! ;)

  • I Hope I Find The One........?!??


    Hey there Idk I feel lonely in a different way.... I just want someone to love me and treat me different than other people I want someone that likes talking to me and someone that very fun to be around with! (I don’t do trades) I hope I reall find the one...... :(

  • Idk.... It?s 3:37 Am Right Now!


    Hey How you guys doin idrk what to do anymore I just have nothing better to do with my extra time ? I don’t normally sleep this late buh oh well! ???