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Burbank, CA, USA


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  • Anyone in LA wanna meet up~?

    Teenager Dating

    idk lol

    oh shit minimum characters


  • Bi male lookin for luv~ uwu


    Sooo im in LA and im very interested in dating lol~

    Im richie~~ im bisexual and a big fan of anime and memes

    im looking for cute bois~ hmu

  • Any girls in LA? m14 here, looking to date~

    Romantic only

    Im looking to date girls in la county, im open for anyone lol hmu~

    Im Richie, and uhhhh looking to date

    id love to talk to anyone aaaaaa

  • Im Richie~ Im in Burbank, interested in dating


    Im interested in dating but if you just wanna talk thats cool too


  • Hello~ Im interested in dating!!

    Teenager Dating

    Helloooo, my name is Richie. Im 14 and looking for love lol

    Im in Burbank, i love cooking and memes/shitposting

    I'd say im polite and funny?? idk honestly

    if ur interested hmu~

  • Hi, Im Richie! Im looking for a girlfriend~

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    Hello! My name is Richie, Im 14 and I'n interested in dating/

    Im from burbank, i love memes, shitposting, cooking, youtube, and weird anything lol

    If youre interested hmu thanks~ uwu