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Annie </3

18 · Woman

Pekin, IL, USA


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  • idk what to put here


    bored asf rn. looking for friends ig. hmu if u want. blah blah blah and more blah XD

  • Trying to hopefully find the one but know knows..


    So to start off, im 18. Theres not much to say but hey or hello. im not really good at writing posts but ill try. Theres a lot of people out there who cant forget those who used to be in their lives. Making them feel like theyre to blame for everything. Actually thinking that they loved them but deep down it was nothing more than just mixed emotions an hurt feelings. Im pretty sure weve all been through tough times and say that you cant trust anyone anymore. To feel as tho being enough an everything to be just right for someone. As long as heads are high and smiles r plastered, theres nothing to be afraid of anymore..