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Elijah Rhone

14 · Man

Glendale, AZ, USA


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  • Meet a girl future girlfriend

    Meet girl teen

    Hello my name is Elijah but I go by E.J . I’m umm liking for a nice girl who likes me for me . An all that good stuff that’s supposed to be in this post. Lol. But I’m serious though

  • My phone number an stuff


    alright I’m sorry I put my number out there. Plz don’t text me or call me just message me in here

  • My phone number an all that good stuff.

    Meet girl teen

    hey everyone yeah it’s me again an no I’m not addicted to posting if that’s what u think or desperate. Just wanted to put my number out there. When u text don’t say ur from ourteennetwork. 4802347205

  • Meet people an u know stuff


    Hey guys what is up I hope everyone is having a good Day an every ones getting wins in fort nite lol

  • Meet a nice girl future girlfriend

    Meet girl teen

    i want to meet a girl who is very   Accepting an likes me for me an who likes to have fun 

  • What I?m looking for in a girl.

    Teenager Dating

    i want a girl who likes me for being me an will laugh at my jokes so if that’s u hit me up!?