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  • Message me if you want, but be warned.

    Meet girl teen

    Be warned.

    Do not look into my eyes.

    Their steel blue color holds many lies.

    I once tried to hide them, make them get lost...

    But have failed since that major frost.

    It happened one October day,

    It broke me, a heart now turned gray.

    I now wish to seek for new.

    New people, maybe that would be you.

    But do avoid looking in

    As they will consume you.

    And leave you burning from within.

  • Troubled Guy Looking For Understanding Girl.

    Meet girl teen

    I am looking for any girl 13-17 who can handle a guy with a not-so-good emotional state. I-ll be upfront with it. I am crazy. If you are willing to accept me and you are not just wanting to... Well, you know... Please, feel free to message me!

  • KIK ME UP!!! (Kik me up inside)

    Meet girl teen

    My Kik is Caedemmicus, and I'm looking for any girl 13-16 that does not just want to get into my pants. Jeez.

    Kik me up if you're interested!

    (also I have Skype, if you have that but not Kik: that's live:weirdstotally.

  • Who in their right mind...?!

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    Okay. There's been an issue that has been buzzing around in my head for quite some time now.

    I realize this is an epidemical issue, but I was almost a victim as well.

    I am suicidal.

    And some jack ss told me to go kill myself earlier today.

    Now who in their bloody frickin right mind would tell a kid like me that? Can someone explain why a person would stoop to that low of a level? Can someone tell me why they had any right to do so over a joke about saltine crackers? Well?

  • Do They Need To Fix The Mobile Site?


    I just clicked on someone's profile saying it was someone else twice now. I clicked on a forum post and it sent me to something completely different that wasn't even on the page at the time. Is anyone else having this issue?!

  • Any girl interested in a relationship, more in post.

    Teen Singles

    Heya. I am looking for any girl age 13-17, preferably 15 or 16 who would be willing to chat with me and see if it goes anywhere. No, I am not some thirsty boy tryna get it on with girls nearby. I am far from that undesirable personality, and I just want a relationship. Message me if you're interested! You can find me on Kik @ Caedemmicus, Snap me at @caedemmicus and my "name" on Skype is Caedemmicus Alphacon.