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DashRavens (Panual)

13 · Woman

Meredith, NH, USA

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  • Breaking...................


    My friends are trying to kill themselves, school is a nightmare and all my hope is gone, They tell me it's going to get better in time but I've been waiting for years. I've hurt so many and lost so much. What do I have left family? Ha! Funny joke...I know not many people will read this and no one will care but I curse the world for everything it has done.

  • So who wants to chat? (NO NUDES)

    Romantic only

    Anyone looking for that special someone? Cause I am! Message me if you want to talk. I only give out my social media if I trust you so yeah. Please, 13-16 I don't make exceptions. I love anime, singing, writing, reading, and drawing, also I'm pansexual o yeah.

  • Heya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Teen Singles

    I was wondering if any gals wanted to talk? Kinda hoping for a girlfriend close to me, like in the same state. Right now I'm only looking for girls as I'm kinda done with the male gender. So ya, message me if you want to talk.

  • Looking for someone to treat me right

    Romantic only

    Hey, I'm looking that special someone. Someone who would treat me right and make me happy. the age limit is 16 I do not make acceptions I REPEAT I DO NOT MAKE ACCEPTIONS.

    Thank you!

  • Looking for someone to treat me right

    Teen Singles

    I am 13 and looking for the one. I've been hurt before and are skeptical, cautious, and anxious about finding someone new. Most but not all people I've talked to on and off the web are creeps asking for nudes. Tbh I just want someone who will hold me close when I break down.

  • Anyone up for a chat?

    Meet people

    I'm so bored. I wanna chat with someone. I'm looking for a relationship but also friendship. Inta guys and girls. So yeah.