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Kansas City, MO, USA


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  • Just a Lonely pahtato lookin for some friends...maybe more?



    im RaveN and I love to sing, play guitar, the keyboard, listen to music, draw, write, watch anime, Netflix and chill without the chill, and read. I seriously could read until the world ends. Loose myself in a book for hours so I wouldn’t have to go on this site like a desperate lil hoe lookin for some human connection, ya know? Just kidding haha....(no I’m not)

    so, if you think you could put up with me, if you think we have something in common,in will TALK to you. I don’t send inappropriate pictures to random man sluts to jack off to, so if that’s what you want, fuck off ?

    With that being said, slid into my dms if you wanna talk about life and shit

  • friendly peeps to chat with


    hey I’m RaveN and I’m 13 and pansexual. I consider myself alternative and I’d say I’m pretty badass at guitar hero. Looking for cool accepting people to chat with! We can talk about Music, books, name it. The only thing is I’d  prefer that ur around my age and no I don’t sext so if that’s wut u want, go away.  Everyone welcome to talk with me if u want to have an actual meaningful conversation ???

  • Just a girl looking for cool people


    hey I’m RaveN and I love tons of different types of music. I’m currently learning how to play guitar and I love to sing. I love reading anything scary, suspenseful and maybe a bit morbid. I consider myself “alternative” lol. HMU if you like my chemical romance, the cure, horror movies...whatever! I’m down to talk to anyone ages 13-15. Keep it clean please!