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Warren, MI, USA

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  • Looking possibly for a gig


    Hi I'm Mark I'm cool and athletic I swim a lot. I have my faults but I'm looking for a gf who won't dump me for someone who looks a lot sexier than me. I'm not too much of a people person but I do like to cuddle email me if interested

  • You didn-t ask for it but here-s part 2 of the story


    The bronco raged across the Great Plains at 50mph. We only have a couple more states to go shouted Rex. We have been driving for several hours now. Arghh were low on gas ill fill up the tank. The bronco stopped and Rex filled it up.suddenly Jim said united nation soldiers lookout!! Rex finished filling up and he hit the gas. Vroom! The United Nations army vehicles are slow and bulky made for battle and not speed. They fired a couple of mortar rounds but they fell short. We sped out of there faster than the speed of sound(well not that fast but still pretty damn fast.) An hour layer we were at the Wyoming and Nebraska border. End of part 2 comment if you read the story plz.

  • I-ll write a story for you guys


    So the United Nations had taken over the United States. There were rebel groups but they for far from each other. This is the story of on of one of the groups. Marcus! Yelled u have the ammunition in the box? Yeah I replied. We're heading out to Idaho to meet up with a rancher who can help us out. The United Nations soldiers can track us so we need to use old equipment. That's why we're driving in a 1983 Ford Bronco. We even had to take the radio out so they could not tack us. Jim and Rex! Yeled Phil to the other 2 guys in a group. We're heading out now! So get you're sorry asses in the truck!-end of part 1 plz comment on what you thought the story was cool or not

  • Friendship and meeting


    I looking to meet new people and be friends with email me at no gays plz

  • Explanation and crap


    Isn't it funny that almost all the boys that post have zero comments and when a girl comments it has 7 views

  • Friendship and other stuff like meeting


    Just looking to meet some people and meet some girls I'm cool good at swimming great at building Legos and I'm a hockey fan go red wings and I like college football and college basketball