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Radom, IL, USA

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  • Hello I wanna talk to people


    Okay I am back and I am want people to talk to or be friends with nothing else just be friends unless it turns to something else

  • Want a Person to talk to (no nudes pls)


    Who wanna talk cause I am all in unless I am tired or something and don’t be all wanting nudes cause tryin to back off that subject just want friends so

  • Just tired of people


    Okay I am just wanting people to talk to so HMU on Snapchat so no weirdness or anything

  • Bored come talk to me


    i am tired and want people to talk to and i might if u are good enough I might add my friend in and we could a little bit more fun

  • Chat with me and friends


    Hey wanna chat 14,bisexual,want people around my age and if ya want I can add me and my friend with you to chat

  • Bored and tired and want to talk


    If anyone wanna talk just add me on  Snapchat  people around my age