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  • lookin for friends :)


    Hey! I'm 17 i like to play football, basketball, table tennis, and other kinds of sports. I also like math and play music. Lookin for friends, makin a bond that will never be broken. Anybody hmu on kik or hangouts. Or line messenger, but i dont think it's common to people here

    Kik: harrisonartem

  • i-m looking to meet new friends. hmu on kik


    Hello, i'm lookin to meet new people. I love sports, math and play music. Hmu on kik: harrisonartem

  • I-m lookin for pals, or more


    Hey, I'm 17 yr old guy(straight), I'm here to chat and find friends.. I love sports(football, basketball, table tennis,etc.), I play music and I like science. If you wanna talk and get to know each other just hmu :)

  • I-m lookin for a relationship

    Meet girl teen

    Hi, I'm 17 years old.  I love sports and play music. Lookin for girlfriend or friend.  either way.

  • Helloo, have you experienced something spooky?


    several months ago, one night, i went to bed late. I was watching youtube videos until around 1 am. After that, i went to sleep. When I woke up in the mornin, I had a sleep paralysis, I opened my eyes, but I can't move the other parts of my body. I was looking at my door, can't move, when I sensed there was something black on the left side of my bed. when I rolled my eyes, to check what's black, I saw a silhouette of a person sitting on the left edge of my bed. It really was a silhouette of a person, can't tell wether it's a guy or girl, because it's black. I was terrified. I was looking at it for a few seconds, then managed to close my eyes. suddenly i felt my face really tense, I closed my eyes and concentrate to ignore that thing. I tried to get back to sleep, and my body shivered just before I fell asleep. then I slept for about 1 hour. When i woke, i felt scared and anxious, hoping that silhouette is not on my bed anymore. Fortunately, it was gone. What a relieve. have u ever experienced something scary? tell me ur story!

  • Hey, looking for friends, penpal, or more


    Hi!  I am a 17 yr old who likes sports and plays music. I get bored right now,  so if you want to talk, get to know each other, etc, hmu asap.