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Ohio City, OH, USA

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  • I wanna meet people.


    I wanna meet people. I'm bored. And I could use friends. I'm alone which is the big sad.

  • Looking for people to meet.


    Text me. No weirdos. I'll talk to any gender. I need friends or something.

  • Hey. I-m a single pringle.

    Teenager Dating

    Hey, what's up? I'm bored and single. So someone should hmu. Not just looking for a relationship tho. I could use some friends.

  • Hi. I-m bored. And awkward.

    Teens ages 16 to 20

    I need people to talk to. But I'd prefer if you didn't add me on Snapchat. I already have over 100 people who've added me. But I'd really like to talk to someone. I put 16 to 20 but the highest I'll go is 18.

  • Hi. I-m shy and awkward.


    I really want to meet people from other places. Asian people definitely, because y'all are cool. Please no weird stuff. Thanks. Sorry I'm awkward, sorry.

  • Hi. I-m shy and awkward.

    Meet boy teen

    I'd really like to make new friends. I also wanna meet Korean guys. Because of reasons. I'm weird sorry.