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  • Looking for some people to talk to

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    looking for some people to talk. I’m an open guy so yea. Like to play games. I’m bi also so yea. Hmu tho girls or guys

  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    Im bi and Looking to text with anyone. I looking to talk with some new people so yeah. I like to play games and take photos. So hmu lol

  • Looking for some friendss


    im an open guy, looking to be friends with some people or even more, who knows. I like playing games and taking pictures. So hmu 

  • Looking for New friends


    looking to talk to some new people and become friends, I like to play games and I’m into photography. Im an open guy so hmu

  • Looking for friends


    I like to play games and I’m into photography. Looking for some new people to talk to so hmu 

  • Looking for some friends


    I’m a really open guy. I like to take photos and play games. So hmu do we can be friends