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Wapato, WA, USA

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  • Looking for a girlfriend


    Hi I'm Keir! I'm bi (or lesbian, really not sure which :/ ) and I'm looking for a girlfriend. I'm not into nudes so please don't send or ask. Little bit about me:

    I like drawing, writing, baking and singing. Looking for someone 14 to 17 since I'm gonna be 16 soon. Preferably someone in the USA I guess. Um.. I'm kind of a nerd-ish person and I'm out of the closet so there's really no need to worry about that. I tend to have the most random conversations, with the right person. Yea I'm kinda rambling..

    So yea, if interested let me know! :3

  • Looking for a bf or gf


    Hi so I'm bi and just looking for a bf or gf. Not into nudes so don't try please. So yea if interested hmu on here.