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i do NOT use:




or tiktok

so do not ask me for this please :D 

PLEASE BE ABLE TO HAVE A CONVERSATION, so do not just assume i will be leading the conversation all the time, be able to ask stuff or start a conversation too, it is ok to be shy or not know what to talk about all the time, but when we start talking and i have asked you 10 questions in a row or lead the conversation for a couple days, you should at least have come up with a single question or topic of conversation please :D 

i am only looking for friends and good conversations with some nice people, and no never "Friends with benefits" or anything like that, normal friends, talking about your day and how your cute animals are doing :D 

so no one reads this it seems, so just write me and lets talk about all the stuff :D 

i am poly just saying, not that it matters, but just saying is all :D 

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