I Support Tittle IX

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About me

Name - Brian 
Eyes - Blue 
Hair - Brown varies in length from fuzz to bangs down to my eye brows down to the bottom of my neck/top of my shoulders
Religion - Spiritual but not religious
Fuck politics
Animal Lover 
I despise censorship , cancel culture , political correctness , wokeness.
I despise geo/region locking/blocking.
Is what they say about females with pony , pig tails true?
I like ole natural and plain Jane females.
I dont like abs and muscles on females.
100 percent  natural biologically born bisexual and heterosexual females only
No guys and no profiles with pictures of guys as their profile picture or pictures of guys as their only pictures/s , No trannys , No a sexuals , No pan sexuals , No they/them/ze people.
No  woke , politically correct people.
I do not want to see your tongue

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  • 26 Mar
    I support tittle ix
  • 21 Feb
    I support tittle ix
  • 20 Feb
    I support tittle ix
  • 15 Feb
    I support tittle ix
  • 09 Feb
    I support tittle ix
  • 09 Feb
    I support tittle ix