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•Washington State- for you guys who didn’t pass geography: totally different from Washington D.C and located on the west side- if you don’t know the west side look left while looking at a map 

•Cascade high school 21’ senior

•13-15 year olds- leave me alone that’s a case 

•I just like saying hi to people so if that triggers you, stop being a snowflake 

•Don’t be sad~You’re not special

•Ask me to add your snap- I probably won’t 

•Ask me for my snap I probably won’t reply

•I don’t go making fun of your job at Denny’s so don’t come here making fun of mine 🖕🏻

•Never will confess to being freaky, at least not with you 💀

•I wanna die just like my grandpa did- peacefully in his sleep, Not like the passengers yelling in the car.


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