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About me

Hi my name is Bruce but I prefer to go by the nickname Talos. Some things about me. I was born 11/16/03, One of my major pet peeves is loyalty because if im going to be with someone then I expect them to respect me for who I am and always be there for me through both the good and the bad times just like how I will for them.

Some of my personality traits are; I"m somewhat socially akward, I"m creative, I"m empathetic, I"m an understanding person X10, I think very logically and love to have physiological discussions on any topic.

Some of the things I love are videogames, cats, music, long walks in the middle of the night, and doing anything creative that involves being hands on.

Some of the things I very much dislike are how corrupt government and it politics are nowadays, I usually but not always hate self centered people, and people who deny that they have anything that makes it annoying or difficult to be around without trying to pay attention to how they are and try and reform themselves before saying that it"s the other person and not them.

If you wanna talk just message me through Instagram @im_talos

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