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Age: 14,my birthday is on the 25th of March. My complete name is Elmar Delgado Valle.
The things I like, would be reading manwha, learning idioms, cooking, and singing, but my voice sucks, so I hate to sing when I"m not alone. My favorite food is gnocchi, which is a potato based pasta and I love meat as well. Other thing about food is that I don"t really like fried food, well, is not that I don"t like fried food but I don"t like the oilly taste it gives.
I am really good at school, I get really good grades even though I am rally bad at history and at classes that you need to remember dates and stuff.
I want to study in Japan. This is because I kind of really hate my family since forever and Japan is a very social-closed country, meaning that everyone only gets in their own buisness. 
Last I want to be a virgin until I marry, and I am 0 perverted.


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