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About me

Hi I"m Lou, I"m 16, I"m from Texas, I"m Pan, I"m 5"7, and I like photography 

If you wanna know more about me you can text me and I"ll probly answer realitivly soon (cause I don"t have a life lmao) 

And one thing I DO NOT tolerate is if I tell you I don"t send (which I don"t) DO NOT ask me again because I will tell you no and block you, the first time idc but if you keep asking me I WILL block you 

P.S stop trying to find a "life long" relationship on here you aren"t going to find it ppl I swear 🙄

P.S.S if you give me the ick as soon as we start talking I will block you with no hesitation don"t test me mf 

Anyways that"s all byeeeeeee <3