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hii im willow! i am 16 and i have dissocative identy disorder and is a polyfragment system of over 180 alters an alter with a  13 alters also know as a subsystem!  I also have ADHD depression anixity BPD PTSD and ADD! If u want to come and vent or talk to me im up for it just lmk okk~💕🥀

PS. IF UR GOING TO ASK FOR NUDES OR SHIT LIKE THAT PLZ LEAVE ME AND MINE SYSTEM ALONE THANK YOU ~🔥/🧲 also if ur going to be toxic and be rude to us plz leave us alone we are dealing with alot rn and i mean alot rn~ lovely legendary system  sign off emotcons are comming soon for everyone srry we are in the middle of doing that and all ~🐺  also wanna chat addd our google hangouts [email protected]  

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