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About me

Hello im willow and welcome to our system we are known as the purple butterfly rose collective! We are 200 alter and have a couple of subsystems and we are poly fragment system

We have a bunch of creative members and people who are very friendly others not so much all I asked is kindness and respectfulness is really appreciate 


to be honest we are medical recoginezed bc we have to get retested cause the body is a minor but we have been told by official medical doctors that we have D.I.D

PS. IF UR GOING TO ASK FOR NUDES OR SHIT LIKE THAT PLZ LEAVE ME AND MINE SYSTEM ALONE THANK YOU ~🔥/🧲 also if ur going to be toxic and be rude to us plz leave us alone we are dealing with alot rn and i mean alot rn  sign off emotcons are comming soon for everyone srry we are in the middle of doing that and all ~🐺  also wanna chat addd our snapchat willowkaune

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