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About me

I"m 16, live in the countryside (small village a few miles away from a small town, 28 and a bit miles away from the nearest city).

I love anything outdoors - I have great pleasure in taking a blanket and snacks and having a picnic in the local woods! 

I do a lot of bird and landscape photography (experimenting with drone photography but I need to get a better drone!), which helps me cope with mental health issues.

I also do a bit of programming - it"s always been a talent of mine! And I volunteer at a charity in the local town and I am a member of a drone-based Search and Rescue team that helps to locate lost persons and pets with drones. I have a Mavic Mini 2 for this and for my drone photography.

I love going on holiday in our caravan, mainly up to Scotland. I go there every few years and hoping to move up there! 

Currently single, so feel free to message me! I am straight, so... soz dudes, but you"ll need to look elsewhere.

I don"t mind about looks, you just need to be 15, 16 or 17 years old and I"ll be interested, if our personalities are compatible. 

snap: dryeet69

whatsapp: contact me on here for that, or send an email to [email protected]