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About me

  • I enjoy Pok√©mon, drawing, coloring, dragons, dinosaurs, eating, and Marvel movies (don"t watch the new ones as soon as they come out, but I genuinely enjoy watching them), I also like to build/repair things as long as I understand them

  • I"m looking for someone to talk to and maybe a gf.

  • If you want me to talk to you massage me first, because I don"t have privilege, thank you.

  • I don"t go on my devices Monday-Thursday due to school.

  • My discord is Thor093#8845 message me if you have the time.

  • Just a heads up for people, I"m straight and not gay or bisexual. Again just a heads up.

  • People message me on here or on Discord, because I don"t know if they"re interested in me.

  • Guys please don"t ask me to do survey/quiz. Thank you.

  • Please no people¬† that are 2 years older or younger then me, I will change the younger when I turn 15.

  • Anyone who adds me, message me that you did and tell me the reason please. Thank you.