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About me

Hi, I"m Finn but you can call me Pib. I"m a heterosexual (I guess I can say that my autism isn"t as bad as it used to be because of my diet) And to be honest, I wanna find someone who can help me get through high school, who aren"t my parents. I"m just looking for a simple companionship to see what dating is like. Don"t worry I"m using real age and location. I"d prefer to have video calls (just for safety) but it"s okay not to have them right of the the bat because I understand you might not be comfortable with them at first. Any attempt of sexually solicited misconduct toward me and you will be blocked. My time zone is American EST.
Here is my YouTube channel:
Here is my discord:(significantlystrangeBOI979#6790) and text me at [email protected] if u have an Apple product
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Plz don"t expect me to have main stream social media, like Insta or snap.