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About me

Hi! My name is Avery (you can also call me Angel or Willow), and I am a non-binary person who is looking for friends or a partner 16-18! I am panromantic asexual, and I also prefer to be around other trans people for safety reasons!

I am not comfortable being around cis men due to me being trans, and I try to avoid cis men due to safety reasons, so please respect this!!

My pronouns are they/them!!

I am an ENFP 9w1 >v<

I am autistic and I have ADHD, which can make socializing and other things much more difficult for me, so please be considerate! I would also prefer that you aren"t a dry texter! If you message me with a dry response, I probably won"t respond :(

I am a self-shipper, and it"s my coping mechanism, hobby, and special interest! So whether or not you"re my friend or partner, I require that you are at least accepting of it.

INTERESTS: Sun Haven, Genshin Impact, A Hat in Time, Dislyte, Cats, 

DNI: Basic criteria (racists, transphobes, homophobes, etc.), Pr0shippers/C0mshippers, Aro/Ace/AroAce exclusionists, Anti-Self Shipping

Also, I will NOT, under any circumstances, send any inappropriate stuff of myself, so please don"t ask me to. I am a minor, I"m asexual, and I am just uncomfortable with that kind of stuff.