Pib [please read my profile]

Pib [please read my profile]

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About me

Hi im Pib. My real name is Finn but Id rather have you call me pip for safety reasons. Im a white boy from Richmond Im not a Weeb I dont watch anime. But when it comes to east Asian history, kinda am a weeb. I really like the Sengoku and kamakura jidai. I also really like aviation. Here is my DC: significantlystrangeboi979. Dont know whether or not you still require the number at the end, please DM me to find out.

I also used to have another profile on the site that I have banded because I couldn’t sign into it.

Also, can I say that I don’t find white girls attractive without offending any of y’all? I like everyone else though.

Here is my YouTube:  s:/