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Moomaster (taken)

14 · Man

Rugeley, United Kingdom


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  • looking for friends or something


    hey people, I'm now just up for friendship cuz I'm taken by the most amazing  girl on the planet.... soooo no weirdos cuz i found my special one.... anyhooo byee 

  • meet friends or more apparently

    Teenager Dating

    Hi im Tom, im not good at socializing... I am getting homeschooled, ppl never give me a chance so i hope someone out there can exept me for who i am and make eachother happy....  hmu if your intrested


    snapchat: lordgodmoomoo

    email: (I'll tell you if you wanna talk)

  • hope going out the window (again)

    Meet girl teen

    I've said my name enough times.... I'm a 14 yr old guy who's just alewys indoors and with technology or something just waiting for someone to walk through a door and not be judy about everything.... I've been in hospital for 3 years straight since day 1 of being in the world.... i just want someone who will share happiness with me instead of me bottling everything up and having a negative mind

  • I-m getting fed up with myself

    Teenager Dating

    I'm looking for a gf/bf who is kind and full of love. i want someone to counter my sadness and over rule it with happiness, talks to me when they can and lastly someone with respect...

    I'm good with computers and games and I'm not really sporty but i try it when i can. i have so many heart and respiratory problems (heart & lung problems) and i have a massive operation coming up because of them...

    i try to be kind but everyone always puts me down so to them people, go f yourself, if you don't like me just don't bother instead of making sure you get a word in ..

    but i promise to whoever i get in a relationship with, I'll love you and care for you properly, not just say a few things to make you feel good so thats abou it, thanks for reading

  • I-m lonely and want friends

    Romantic only

    hi guys, im looking for friends or something to talk to and have a bit of banter with, I'm bisexual and I'm also home schooled.. I'm a socially awkward person who watches horror films to cheer himself up and listenz to electo music because why not... so please up


  • about me and my new changes

    Meet people

    hi I'm tom, im bisexual and whatnot... 

    i love horror films, food, computer games and staying inside

    i don't like reality tv and celebrities, fashion, leaving the house and socialising face to face with people.

    ??my changes are how my mind has gone haywire over the past 2-3 years... I've started being submissive to people and i keep thinking of the dark/groosom side of things.... i may sound strange but im just me