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Christopher kinman

15 · Man

Carrollton, KY, United St

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  • Read this intro---------------


    Im looking for a nice loving caring loyal and honest girl (Im straight). Im looking for a girl thats 13-16 years old. Im caring loving loyal honest and nice ( which is about to end unless ya can tell me if girls like nice boys) Im chubby not fat. Only if ya will give me a little bit of your time to show who I am. (Im not a fck boy)
    I have fb (Christopher w kinman)
    I have Instagram (should be cwk143)
    I have Snapchat (cwk143)
    I have kik (cwk134)
  • My name is Christopher kinman


    Will ya just give me a chance (I'm straight) I don't go by looks. All I want is a long term relationship, is that too much to ask. Does anyone live near Carrollton Kentucky. I just want someone that is sweet funny and caring. I listen to country music alot (I'm listening to it now).

    My Facebook is Christopher w kinman

    My Snapchat is cwk143

    My Instagram is Christopher kinman ( if that don't work try cwk143)

    If you have a Xbox one my username is cwk143

  • This is a question-------

    Meet girl teen

    Who is a virgin (me)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Anyone need a friend


    Im a guy and i have a xbox one if ya wanna play on there. My username is cwk143

    Im also 14 with a mic 

  • hello my name is christopher kinman


    My name is Christopher kinman Im a 14 year old boy. Im not a sports guy. I like country music a lot. Im a sweet loving caring loyal honest and dont cheat (dont believe in it). I will not break any girls heart because I dont have it in me. Yes I have Kik and I know I dont have good looks.
  • Hi my name is christopher kiman


    My name is christopher kinman im 14 and a boy. Im loyal, honest, and dont cheat. I like country music alot. Does girls like guys that are nice, loyal, dont cheat, and honest? 13-15 girls