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16 · Man

Wernersville, PA, United

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  • Friendship/Relationship - Weed


    Hey names Sam, I'll get to the weed part don't worry. Looking for friends or Girlfriend who have a similar interest. Now weed, I sometimes smoke not a big woopy doe but anyone who doesn't care message me and we could be great friends or companion

  • Meet new country folk


    Hey Yall, Names sam, 15, love to go mudding and telling people to go fuck themselves. Love a good joke or 10. And I love my confederate flag. I love my flag and if you don't, don't fucking text me about it being mad or like I said I love telling people to fuck off. 

  • Sup yall :-) Looking for a gf or friendship

    Teens ages 16 to 20

    I came on this site to meet people cause there are no country girls at my school. I have a sense of humour and I'm a country boy (confederate flag). I prefer white (I'm not racist) and redhead. If you like mudding, fishing, and being a redneck just give me a message and ill message back.