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  • I on here for a online relationship (girls) ;)

    Teens ages 16 to 20

    So i have been on here for a wwhile and meet a load of friends nd I am now looking for a online relationship> Girls . I live in South Africa nd i have been to the Uk nd US . I have also seen a lot of fakes on this site nd i can promise u this i am not a fake i am happy with whom i am so there for y should i be a fake and catfish ppl > Hit me up if u wanna be friends or more 

    Thanks for reading Regards Dyllan 

  • I am never on here so here other ways we can talk


    Hey i am never on here anymore so if u keen on making new friends my Insta name is zerodyll977 i am alway looking to meet new friends

  • Hey i am dyllan im 17


    I see that most guys r dicks to girls on here and i dont know why but i do know this it gives guys like me a really bed name. So for all the girls that read this i hope u have a great day and may it be joyfull and spacial like all of u out there

  • Life is short so make urself shorter so that its longer lol


    Hi there :) I am Dyllan i am looking for great new friends. I am straight and yes i look like a doof but i am sweet kind and treat my friends with the best love i can lolz anyone wanna ever talk mail me at ( Thanks all much love

  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    When life says hi say hi back but when life knocks u down tell it stright F U B ch i own my own destiny , word said by Me lol dont live life in worrie and sadness 

  • Hey ;) my name is Dyllan i am 17 looking for a girl to care for

    Meet girl teen

    Looking for a girl who will care for me as i would her . i live in South  Africa JHB .