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New Windsor, NY, United S


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  • Anyone wants to Skype or FaceTime?


    I’ll do either or. I just am looking for friends right now. If you don’t know me - I’m a chill person who will talk about anything really

  • Anyone wants to be friends


    Hey I'm Steven I like to chill, hangout with friends and go to places. I'm looking to make some more friends. Though like anyone wants to talk also.                                  


  • any one want to start a streak


    My name is Steven and I was wondering if anyone wants to start a streak on snapchat?hm my snapchat is on my profile

  • Anyone what-s to be friends


    I'm just looking for some  friends. So anyone out their wants to be friends with me I'm down for it. 

  • Some one Kik me right now?


    I don't really know what to do right now so I have so much spare time right now so can someone kik me it is Steven_172 

  • Hey idk what to put here


    Looking just to be friends nothing much though. Can someone hit me up I'm bord af. And I don't have anything to do on this site