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Santa Ynez, CA, United St

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  • Looking for a romantic relationship with a female

    Romantic only

    Hey everybody I've been really lonely lately and I feel that romantically I fit better with women(but I will make exceptions for men because I like both genders) so if you're interested, which you probably aren't cause I'm nerdy as hell, hmu:) (please no dirty pictures or sexting)

  • I-m a pansexual woman, but I prefer women


    If nerdy and gay as hell seems like your type, then hmu, no nudes, I'm alright with just talking as friends, but I'm looking for a romantic relationship

  • Hey I-m Cayden, and I am looking for a partner romantically

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    I'm an openly pansexual person, which means I'm open to a relationship with someone of any gender. I'm a huge nerd so if awkward as hell and nerdy seems like your type hmu