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  • Meeting new friends


    Hey guys. Really want someone new to talk to. If ur interested in talking to me add me on kik bsaunders38. Hope to meet new people and hopefully be friends with them.

  • Someone message me/ bored


    Hey I'm Bethany. Someone dm me. Really bored. I like sports and hanging around with friends. So if ur interested dm me. I'm interested in guys.

  • Meet new people and maybe more


    Hey I'm on here to meet new people. I'm 15. I want to meet people aged 14 to 19. I will talk to anyone just no pics of body and nudes. If we get to be close friends maybe we can become more than close friends.

  • Turns out I-m bisexual


    Hey guys, so it turns out that I like boys and girls. I know in my other texts it says that "I am a lesbian and boys stop texting me" well anyone can text me but please no nudes and please don't ask for nudes or body pics. Thanks 

  • Meeting new people. Text me.


    Hey, I'm Bethany. I'm on here to meet new people. I'm interested in cooking, looking after children and sports: cricket, basketball, football etc. Btw I love watching movies. If u like anything u see in this paragraph text me.  Thanks.??

  • Don-t ask to exchange pics


    Boys If a girl says she is a lesbian she is a lesbian and u can't change who we are. Don't ask me if we can exchange pics.     Even if u are a girl. I know not a lot of people look at my posts but I have to put this out there.