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Wichita, KS, United State


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  • Let-s make something else clear


    I don't beg for attention, I don't beg for anyone to call me, I don't beg for anyone to text me, and I don't beg to be liked. It's whatever. When I get tired of competing for affection and attention, I just drop you from my life 

  • Lol I make lots of posts


    But seriously, STOP following me and STOP adding me on my social media if you're not going to talk to me, or you're gonna leave me on seen. It's annoying and it's kind of a waste of my time. Anyone who does that from here on out will simply be deleted and/or blocked. 

  • A social media invite

    Teenager Dating

    Okay so again, my Snapchat is Blackwolf_1999 and my Skype is mynameisdk125, but it seems that some people aren't registering one thing in their heads: If you're Snapping me or Skyping me, you MUST be willing and able to video chat. I want to know that you are REAL. Don't HMU on some bullshit. 

  • Looking for a detailed roleplay


    I wouldn't mind RP'ing with a couple of people. You just need to be detailed, female, and literate, and you must enjoy long stories. I'll explain what I usually RP about when you message me, but I'll tell you now: I only do it on Skype or one of my 2 e-mails

  • Sorry, forgot to add something


    I almost forgot: Snapchat me at Blackwolf_1999 or hit me up on here for my Skype addy. Thanks people. 

  • Let-s make something clear


    I'm NOT sending pics or video chatting with guys or old people (if there happens to be any here). If you add me on my social media, you MUST have a WORKING camera and/or audio device, as I will need to make sure that you are real, plus I prefer vid chatting over just typing all day long. If you are against things like dirty jokes (which I make often), nudes, hook-ups, video-chatting/audio-chatting, and if you're racist or stereotypical, DO NOT add me or message me, because you'll be ignored.