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nicholas edwards

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Florida City, FL, United

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  • Anyone girls wanna hang and play overwatch ?

    Meet girl teen

    Hey im just looking for  a female or femboy to play overwatch with being playing with my other male friends and i just want a change for a bit 

  • Gay Lover 14 - 17 so plz message me


    Im just looking for a whiteor black guy to get to know and possibly date ? I don't judge, but no femboys plz. Looking for a bottom  we could make it work lol. And also u dont have to be near me to hmu. 15- and up plz

  • Ugly and loney for life


    Hey I'm Domenic I'm 14 and enjoy games, anime, and anything with computers , my whole life I've felt abandoned and have been bullied do to looks and etc I just want a Lind girl in life for once cause ive never had one 

  • Looking for a relationship ps. I-m ugly

    Meet girl teen

    I'm domenic not good looking


    Try to flirt

    5'11 ft tall

    Don't care about looks 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    Meet girl teen

    Hey I'm domenic I'm 14 6 ft from Tennessee I'm looking for a girlfriend 13 - 15 I don't care about looks just your personality that's what counts :)

  • Can some girls please talk to me ?

    Meet girl teen

    I know I sound desperate but almost every girl won't msg me back or something because of my looks probably it's not the looks that matter it's there personality and who they are why don't people under stand that you don't want to date someone who doesn't know you but just said yes for looks