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Seattle, WA, United State

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  • There-s Gotta Be Somebody For Me


    "Ooh you can't give up when you're looking for a diamond in the rough. Cuz you never when it shows up, make sure you're holding on, cuz it could be the one, the on you're waiting on..." Sorry, listening to a song about not giving up when looking for someone to love, and for them to love you back.

    I am still looking for, "the diamond in the rough", but I won't give up until I have found her. <3

  • Just Looking for a Friend



    A lot of you have probably seen my last post, about me loooking for a girlfriend, but I also want to reach out and make friends with anyone who is interested. 

    Some qualities about me that would make me a good friend are:

    • I am very loyal, to my friends
    • I am very understanding of a lot of different things, (orientation, gender, political views, religion etc.) 
    • I have seen a lot and survived a lot of hard stuff in my short 18 years of being alive, and I want to be there for people who have questions. particularly about LGBT, Catholicism, Depression, Autism, Suicide etc., just to name a few things.
    • I am able to sense things that most people cannot, due to my empathic abilities, (for those of you that do not know what that is type into Google. "Empath", and click on the article, "30 Traits of an Empath").

    Yes, I know that this post just may make me look like I am in desperate need of friends, or looking for attention. The first part, I will admit, does have some truth to it - I do not have many friends, three at the most, and I hardly ever get to see them, (one of them I have not seen for six years now! But is still the friend I talk to the most). And as for the looking for attention part, well. do not judge me, but it is a basic human need and want for someone to want attention. 

    In whatever way they can get it, for me that is for reaching out and trying to make friends, in places that most people are afraid to make friendships in.

  • Seeking a Lesbian or Bisexual Girl


    Hello there! I am Willow, (just a preferred name rather than my bio name). I am 17 years old and will be 18 in literally, 7 days! It says, "Lesbians", but I am more bisexual, with a strong preference for females.

    I am a female, and I am looing for a girlfriend who is in Washingtn State, around the Maple Valley/Covington/Renton/Kent/Black Diamon Area, but will make exceptions if there are any interested girls, who are not within that area. 

    Some of my interests/hobbies inlcude: Culinary Arts, Writing, Volunteering, Non-Profit Work etc.

    If any girl is interested,(bisexual, or lesbian) do not hesitate to reach out! And even if it does not end up working out, I would still like to see if it is at all possible to just be friends. :)