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  • Looking for friends n stuff (Guys and Girls)



    I'm pan, which is sorta like being bi.

    I have a slight preference for boys, but I like girls all the same.

    You can message me if you'd like, I'll always respond, though I don't know if I'll be online that much.

    I like a lot of stuff, including romance stuff, horror, writing, playing piano, anime, and a lot of music.

    I'm mainly looking for friends, but we could end up being more, maybe.

    Sorry this description is rather awful, haha.

    P.S. if you'd like a picture of me, I'll probably send one if I believe you're a real person. I'm kinda paranoid of that sort of thing, haha.

  • I would like to make friends with boys or girls around my age


    Hello, my name is Joshua, but you can call me Josh if you would prefer (I don't really have a preference). I'm a 14 year old pansexual male (although in a few weeks I'll be 15).

    I'm not looking for dating anyone...I just want to make some friends. Anyways, here's some descriptions about myself:

    If you care about how I look: I'm fairly tall (don't know exact height, sorry. I'm 5' something), and have short, dark brown hair and even darker brown eyes (they almost look black). I have a biracial complexion.

    I'm a very open-minded person, but I'm rather shy, so it may be a bit before I reply to anyone. I try to be as nice as I can be, and usually am fairly optimistic about most things. I have a pretty sarcastic, but also morbid sense of humour (something I don't tend to use with people unless I'm close to them). I'm also fairly smart in most subjects (My best are: Literature, Composition, and Grammar.) Oh, and there's very little I can get offended by. 

    I have many interests, including:

    Anime, Video Games, Writing, Drawing, Making Sprite Art, Animation, Game Design, Horror Games/Movies, Music, etc.

    I don't care how you look, as as I said I'm pansexual, all I care about is that your a nice person. And not overly annoying, I guess.

    That's the best I can summarize myself...I think.

    Oh, there is one peculiar thing about me: I tend to use a lot of British spellings of words despite being American (I.E. "Colour" over "Color".)